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“It is not necessary that doctors know everything”

Recently, a patient of asthma wrote to me a very long letter. I have never seen this patient. From his style of writing, I presume he is from Afghanistan.

He writes that he has asthma for many years and has shown many doctors. All doctors tell him that it cannot be cured. Then he goes on to say “ But it not necessary that doctors know everything”. Very true !!

So he tried many natural remedies and his asthma is now much better. From his own experience, he suggests the following.

I’m reproducing, verbatim and without any comment, what he wrote.

  • Had a firm believe that I will definitely get cured.
  • 1 full teaspoon Honey + ½ teaspoon kalonji oil in 1 cup hot water before having anything in the morning and before sleeping.
  • take your dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping.
  • eat less. (it’s a sunnah, and cure for many diseases)
  • sleep well in night, don’t sleep in daytime. Remember nursery poem “ early to bed early to rise make a man (woman also ) healthy wealthy and wise”
  • eat light food, without red pepper, without oil, with too much munching, eat slowly and less than your hunger. (it’s a sunnah, and cure for many diseases)
  • don’t drink water immediately after having your meal instead drink it in between. (it’s a sunnah, and cure for many diseases)
  • at least 8-10 glass of water every day and 1 cup hot water in every 2 hours.
  • a little bit of exercise every day. (it’s a sunnah, and cure for many diseases)
  • try to stay away from dust, pollution and smells.
  • don’t put your mind under pressure. (it’s a sunnah, and cure for many diseases)
  • 1 fast every week. (it’s a sunnah, and cure for many diseases)
  • sleep on high cushion.
  • honey + haldi
  • haldi (turmeric powder) + milk when u r hungry.
  • 3-4 dry figs.
  • lemon juice+1 teaspoon ginger juice
  • milk + few garlic + heat then cool
  • 3 teaspoon water + 6 cloves + heat then cool + honey
  • proper ventilation in room, sunlight must. Try to live in a dry and hot city.
  • have plenty of fresh fruits, green vegetables, orange, berries, dry date, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, salad, apples, grapes, soyabean, peanuts, spinach, peas.
  • stop having (or try to avoid): red pepper, oil, egg, cold water, milk products, ice cream, cold drinks, cigarette, anger, tension, aspirin, brufen, banana, rice, papaya, tomato ketchups, bread, chips, soup, butter, rajmah, melon, watermelon, salt, cabbage, cauliflower, pickles, meat, mint, onion, going out in cold without proper clothes.