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The Winner approach:

Team India won the cricket world cup not only because they wanted to win but largely because they had the confidence in themselves that they could do it.

I see a similar thing happening in asthma patients.

I see so many asthma patients. Some have so much trouble controlling their asthma. They have symptoms most of the time and attacks sometimes. Their asthma dominates their lives.

There are others who are winners. Their asthma is well controlled, they have practically no symptoms, lead an absolutely normal life. This is largely because they have a winner approach to asthma self management.

What is it that differentiates†winners†from†whiners?

Based on my experience, asthmatics who have won their war with asthma demonstrate the following traits:

  • They accept the diagnosis.
  • They accept the fact that this is a long standing (probably life long) condition.
  • They donít crib or curse their luck.
  • They go about finding the reasons and solutions to the problem.
  • They donít believe in hearsay. They gather their own information, ask their doctor sensible questions and then make up their own mind as to what treatment should be best for them.
  • They take sensible precautions.
  • They donít stop their inhalers the moment they feel slightly better.
  • They have a generally positive approach to life and are upbeat.
  • They try to establish a good relation with their doctor! They see him as part of the solution, rather than a part of the problem.

So, here is my suggestion to you readers Ė go over the list again slowly, and work on the areas you feel you could do better.

Best wishes for†BECOMING A WINNER !!